Therapy by means of creative self-expression by M. E. Burno

Self-Expression (prepared by the Secretary of Odessa Centre of Therapy by Creative Self-Expression, M. Raskina)

     Self-help techniques that use creative self-expression have been developed by Russian psychotherapist, professor at the Russian Medical Academy of post-graduate education, and vice president of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic Association, M. E. Burno. He is an author of the clinical modality «Therapy Using Creative Self-Expression by Burno (TCEB)».
     TCEB is meant, most of all, to help people who suffer from feelings of inferiority, that manifest themselves in mental and physical inertness, shyness, indecisiveness, anxiety, hypochondria, depressive vulnerability, inclinations to doubts, and uncertainty in oneself, among others. M. E. Burno describes all of these character traits as «defensiveness». A defensive individual is usually lost in life, in his/her thoughts about the meaning of his/her life, and in dreams of some mental and spiritual support.
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TCSEB as the Russian native method-school of Therapy by means of Spiritual Culture

     The article gives an idea of a wide meaning of the word «spiritual» in Russia, than in the West and in the East. It also deeply explains the nature of Russian spiritual materialism, which makes the foundation of the Russian Clinical Therapy by means of Spiritual Culture. «Therapy by means of creative self-expression by M. Burno» (TCSEB), worked out by the author and his followers, is one of the variant of today's Russian native Psychotherapy. The article describes the essence of TCSEB — this method-school, it's difference from other approaches, methods of Therapy by means of Spiritual Culture (Art-Therapy, Existential-humanistic Psychotherapy, Religious Psychotherapy).
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Field of esperance — psychological and women's magazine. Personal site. In Russian. Concerns woman's history, fashion history, psychology, art, literature etc.

Field of esperance — women's online edition, running since March 2002
In addition to the purely «female» headings and topics, a lot of attention is paid to self-realization and the search for one’s place in the world, different ways of women, not necessarily traditional, «domestic».
The section «The Strength of the Weak» is dedicated to shy, vulnerable, non-pushing people («defensive», in the terminology of the Moscow psychotherapist M. E. Burno). There is also a large literary section.